You Say 2 Thumbs Up For First Lecture

David Kaye : Amazing lecture. Really great.

Frank Dipiazza : Zivi you were AWESOME...THANK YOU for taking us into the 21 Century Entertainer mindset.

Bruce Meyer : Thank you Zivi. This was outstanding information and instruction.

Jody Vick : Thank you soo much. can't wait for next month.
Georg : This was wonderful information and now I have ways to answer opposition!

Tracey : thanks will get started on this many tanks

Jasmine Royce : thank you Zivi. great information is has taught!

Christine Volunteer Balloons : For me what was most valuable was to realize that I will now ASK for the sale.

The LIVE Q&A went on for about an hour. It is like personal mentoring.

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The replay will be uploaded to the Lecture Theatre soon