Monthly Roundup No.1

Here's a roundup of what’s been happening at the Kids Entertainer Academy.


Have a look at what your fellow entertainers have been doing with the content in just the first month alone.

Tim Bourke on KEA: Monthly Roundup 1

"In the beginning I was thinking about the value of KEA, like what is in it for me when I already have all courses. But I must say that the live lectures have been incredible. I am already working on redoing all my phone call process and email as well. So based on the lectures, I have already decided I will stay."

- Jana Sloupava

“I just want to say I am blown away by this new endeavour of yours and Ken's. The amount of information and help is staggering. Your helpfulness to me personally has been amazing already. I am very excited and feeling confident in really making a go at this as a business, along with the other ways I have used already in my classroom.

My wife has picked on me saying I have watched so many of your and Ken's videos here, as well as on the Julian's Magician School website, that I have started saying some words with an accent. Anyway, this is just a long-winded email stating how impressed and thrilled I am with the KEA stuff and I will definitely credit you and Ken with the success I am convinced I am going to have.”

- Scott Catchot

Susan Whiteeagle on KEA: Monthly Roundup 1

John Justice on KEA: Monthly Roundup 1

Keith Polston on KEA: Monthly Roundup 1

Jody Murphy on KEA: Monthly Roundup 1


New LIVE Lectures planned through to December already. Here’s some of them:





Plus our first 2 Live Lectures have already resulted in more work for members.

Chris Baglin on KEA: Monthly Roundup 1

Elaine Bulawin on KEA: Monthly Roundup 1

Robert Clarke on KEA: Monthly Roundup 1

Paul Tutherow on KEA: Monthly Roundup 1

Brett Bolich on KEA: Monthly Roundup 1


We are truly international …



Heidrun has translated the Lie Detector questions (from the Laugh Getter videos) into German. Thank you Heidrun! (Miss Hopkins - the magic nanni - in German: Miss Hopkins das zaubernde Kindermädchen,


Here’s Heidrun running a twisting session from the Balloon Workshop Blueprint.



So much is happening inside KEA, so little time to tell you about it all.

We’ll do these roundups every month or so. Send in what you are doing with some pics too and we’ll feature you in front of our community.