Zivi Kivi

Zivi headshot 150 x 150I have ten years' experience as a kids entertainer, two of them as a full-timer. During those ten years, I managed to raise my fees twice a year up to the point of doubling the regular fees in Israel in the birthday entertainment niche. I am also the host of the Balloon Artist Podcast (BAP) where you can learn more about the business side of balloon entertainment. My teaching experience includes lecturing in magicians' conventions and my MABBC Program (the Modern Automated Balloon Business Course). I have been coaching many balloon artists, magicians and entertainers in Canada, USA, Australia, UK and Israel. This means that you will be getting from me tools, resources, tactics and strategies that will save you time and help you focus and prioritize.

I can promise you my full attention will be on one thing only: overdeliver value to you.

My Philosophy

Your time is precious, so ONLY the essence and practical stuff that work and give you fast and fulfilling results win. Therefore people who take action after my classes will see results, guaranteed.

I have had the privilege of becoming a magician and kids entertainer while working as a project manager in the software industry. This taught me a thing or two about business plans, marketing and sales, and also about the role of the experience of the customer. But most importantly, it taught me how to manage my time and prioritize tasks.

When I deliver my material, I know how important it is for your family that what you learn actually works. When I became a full-timer, I had three kids and one of them was merely a baby of six months. This forced me to focus and build systems that are relevant for a small business. The more I coach people through MABBC (and interview balloon artists in my podcast), the more I find how similar our hurdles are and that so much can be learned from businesses in other countries (especially when they implement the systems and we see together that they work!).

My philosophy within my classes and courses boils down to me doing the research for you so that you don't need to chase too many rabbit holes. It is my purpose and intention to provide real value to you and yet at the same time find with you ways that the systems can be adapted to your personality and your potential realistic time investment.

Why Me?

I remember how much value I gained when I started to listen to podcasts and take courses from Magician Business back then, and later from Kids Entertainer Hub. I also know the value of networking and have been blessed to be able to surround myself with talented, awesome people. When you attend my classes or coaching sessions or listen to my tips on BAP, I can promise you my full attention will be on one thing only: overdeliver value to you.

I don't think you must know how to do everything by yourself. I don’t think you need to do as I do to succeed. I will always be open and honest with you and your growth is my personal aim. Allow me to prove I care about it even more than YOU do (just like I will encourage you to care about your customers' events more than they do) by attending my classes, using my pdfs and watching my replays.

What Do I Know?

I know that by providing value to people, you will always get value back somehow. Karma is a real thing in my life. I don't care about when I get value back, just as long as I always give at least 51% of the value exchanged in the relationship. I know that if I can help you, there is a lesson for me too in it. I also know that helping one person is almost the same effort as helping the entire community. So let's grow together!

I know that sometimes the competition will bite and gig level will be dangerously low. I know how hard it is to focus on the "right thing" when there are so many distractions around us and in our pockets. I know that getting an edge in your local market might mean finding a way to afford that extra convention plus flight expenses plus accommodation. I also know you want to find someone you can trust. A guide. A friend. I will help you.

I know how hard it is to schedule your time in a way that leaves enough time for attending classes or taking action. It is frustrating and sometimes it makes you feel you want to quit. That is normal. You owe yourself a small win, and that will lead to a second and third small wins. Taking action is just like going on a diet or working out. Once you form the new habit, it becomes a part of you. I will respect your invested time and make an effort to spend all the time in trial and error for you, and I will share with you what works in a direct and practical way.

And finally, I know that your study is done not just in webinars but also on your way to gigs and on your way back home. Why not take a refreshing break at a gas station or a coffee place and check out the new posts on the secret Facebook group? I would love to hang out with you there as well.

And Finally…

I am open for any questions and believe that there is a way to fulfill your dreams. How? One by one.