Steve Wickenton

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I have over 30 years’ experience in the entertainment industry working as a lighting and sound technician and treading the boards as an actor, a musician, and in more recent times, a children's entertainer.

I have worked with all types of people and in all types of environments. I have constantly needed to learn and relearn as my interests changed, the world evolved and I explored new areas and careers. This has given me strong ground to understand you, empathise with you and help you develop and grow as you break new grounds as a children's entertainer.


The information that will be shared here is going to change peoples' lives and make dreams come true, and I know that you can be one of those people.

My Philosophy

“You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but there may be room for improvement.”

I have been fortunate in that my entry into the children's entertainment industry was guided, inspired and mentored by people who understood that sharing knowledge and experience, along with implementing it and continuing personal development, creates a stronger and well-respected industry. This of course flows on to generating more wealth and success for all involved.

In other areas where I had worked, I was sometimes frustrated by the one-thought, one-way view that coworkers and managers carried. There was a lack of questioning and exploring alternatives. I found that this took the passion and excitement out of the work.

I believe that learning is an evolutionary process and regardless of where you are on this line, you always have something of value to offer. By collecting and collating information, we gain a wider scope of learning that everyone can draw success from.

Why Me?

In less than four years, I took my hobby of magic and made it a full-time career where I worked for myself as a children's magician and entertainer. This was made possible by learning from those that had already been there. By drawing on past experiences and tapping into the success, failure and knowledge of those that have gone before me, I in effect found a 'short cut' to my own success.

In a relatively short space of time, I learnt about marketing, websites, PPC, sales funnels and booking systems. I discovered key elements to customer service, created entertaining shows and basically became a small business owner, manager and operator. The speed at which I did this means nothing compared to the successes I celebrated along the way.

I once said that I was lucky because I liked working on marketing ideas, but now I realise what I really like is hitting goals and celebrating any level of success. That is my true motivation and this philosophy is what I aim to share and develop for you in the KEA.

What Do I Know?

I know that you have information worth sharing that can help others grow and develop. I also know that by pooling our knowledge together, we can create success in many areas.

I know that wherever there is success, there is also some failure, but by helping you recognise and celebrate the success, the failure becomes no more than a learning point from which you can grow further.

I know that we are all leading busy lives and building a business when we have family, work or even social commitments, and things can seem tedious and overwhelming. I have been there and I can show you how I got through it.

I know that the information that will be shared here is going to change peoples' lives and make dreams come true, and I know that you can be one of those people.

And Finally...

I look forward to sharing our information and helping you develop and grow your business and goals while celebrating all the success that you create along the way.