Losing Hair The Kids Entertainer Way

Oh my oh my. Within the last 48 hours Ken and I have been on an anxiety roller coaster. You can dot as many 'I's as you like and cross 'T's until the cows come home but that doesn't exclude you from that good old maxim 'if something can go wrong it will'...

Photo on 31-08-2016 at 9.55 pm #2

Our expensive web hosting - selected by us so it doesn't crash - well it crashed yesterday. 'Well that's never happened', the tech support people tell us. Our expensive payment handling system - selected by us so you have no payment problems - it started refunding your money (good for you) just after a sale was made. 'Well that's highly unusual', the tech people told us with raised eyebrow.

Right now it's all purring away beautifully. KEA is rock solid and ready for you. But what if it goes south again unexpectedly?

No problems. We delay. We will be disappointed for sure but that will last about 5 minutes.

One thing Ken and I have learned from this whole Magician Business and Kids Entertainer Hub and now Kids Entertainer Academy experience is that the sun will still rise in the East tomorrow and our partners will still love us. That is to say we keep it all in context and proportion. Not that we always did.

There were times in the early days that if a podcast went out an hour late we went into minor meltdown. Many times we blew small errors way out of proportion. But do you know who told us we were wrong to think this? You did.

Our audience continually said it's ok. We see you delivering with integrity 95% of the time. We understand.

Slowly the message sunk in. You can't please everyone all of the time so don't set out with that as your goal. So yes, it stings a little when we don't deliver on our promises and expectations but we treat it like a scratch and keep our eyes firmly on the path ahead.

What about you? When you have a bad show, when you get stuck in traffic and arrive at the gig late, when you open your case to find you have left something behind, do you beat yourself up over these things? Does your mood go low and does this then affect your relationships with your family? Do you spend precious time reliving the moment instead of working on your future?

Or do you have a momentary foot stomp and then make a written note to implement a strategy to prevent the same thing happening twice?

Do the latter. The latter is the way of the 21st Century Kids Entertainer...

and welcome to your Academy.



    I love these "behind the scenes" insights, where we all realise it's ok to be human. Thanks for sharing the journey as well as the end result. What a great place this is going to be.