Getting the Best from Your Sound System Part 2 with Steve Wickenton

Learn How to Maximise Your PA System and Make Your Setup Quicker and Easier

For many 21st century children’s entertainers, a P.A. system is just another part of the setup and pack-down in day-to-day gigs. We use it and abuse it with very little thought about how effective/ineffective it is and never consider that it could be improved. In most cases, if it’s loud enough, it’s good enough. But that’s not necessarily true.

In part 2 of the lecture series Getting the Best from Your Sound System, Steve discusses how to actually get the best from your sound system while making your whole setup program easier and less stressful.

Imagine setting up and turning on your P.A. system without making any unwanted noises. Imagine feeling confident that with just the twist of one control, your system can be set to work at its best for whatever space you are in. You will look more in control and professional.

The lecture covers:

  • How to push your P.A. system to its limit without losing sound quality, as well as how to make it quiet but still effective for smaller spaces
  • How and why your system works the way it does
  • How you can maximise the quick setup method that will save you time and stress while sounding professional and giving your audience the best in aural experience

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