Getting the Best from Your Sound System Part 1 with Steve Wickenton

How to Get More from Your Sound System and Give Your Audience an Even Greater Experience

A Lecture by Sound System Master Steve Wickenton

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Would you like to eliminate that hideous shrill of feedback from your PA system? Imagine the difference that would make to your audience, when they are given crystal clear sound that is easy on the ears: they relax more, they enjoy your show more, and best of all, you come across sounding more professional than all the others. That gives you the leading edge and more bookings.

Four of the top 5 most common problems with live sound systems can easily be reduced and even completely eliminated with nothing more than a few simple adjustments.

Understanding why and how these adjustments work in different situations is the key to getting the best possible sound from whatever system you are currently using.

In Steve's first lecture, he shows you these adjustments and how to use them to your advantage, as well as give you a better understanding of how and why your sound system works.

This, along with his 3 easy-to-remember tips, will improve your sound, remove loads of stress from your setup, and best of all, give your audience and clients a greater and more enjoyable experience.

Download your worksheet for this lecture

Print out this worksheet and use it while watching Steve's lecture to get all the important points and tips and have them handy for your easy reference.