Negotiating Like a Pro and Getting bookers to say YES!

Zivi Kivi by Zivi Kivi

Zivi headshot 150 x 150When was the last time you heard one of these:

  • I need to check with my spouse...
  • I will get back to you if it's relevant...
  • That's expensive!
  • Can you give a discounted price?

We hear these all the time. Sometimes it gets so frustrating that you actually consider telling the customer to go and book your competitor.

Add to that you've just used up some of your precious advertising budget.

The end result is negative feelings and no bookings.

Or worst of all, you book yourself at the lower price you PROMISED you'd never do again.

I know how you feel. Been there, done that.

I got to a point where I simply said NO MORE.

I researched, practiced and learned all the modern, efficient and fair tactics known to mankind for Handling Objections.

Turns out many of the systems out there are worthless for us kids entertainers. A few work and I've found them for you.

In this three part training you will learn how to become a Master of Negotiation with your prospects.

In Part 1 - we will explore tactics to overcome the price objection plus other common objections you'll get on phone and email.

In Part 2 - we will dive into the psychology of positioning your services. You will get easy-to-implement tactics that will allow you to raise your fees on average in 10-20% immediately.

In Part 3 - we will research advanced negotiation tactics with your customers, including negotiation skills with suppliers of products in Alibaba (which will allow you to save money and open your business to a world of opportunities)

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