How to Recruit the Right People for Your Team with Michelle Uulf

Learn How to Do Job Ads, Applicant Interviews, & Job Offers

Taking on new people is a tricky process. From creating job descriptions and ads, to sifting through applications, to interviewing applicants, to setting expectations, to making offers—there is a lot of things to consider, and trial and error is not the best way to go about it.

In the second part of her Building a Team lecture series, Michelle Uulf guides you step by step in attracting, screening, and hiring the people that will help you take your kids entertaining business to the next level. Watch the lecture so you won’t need to grope your way around to finding and recruiting the right people for your team.

Michelle shares:

  • How to write a job advertisement to target who you need
  • How to screen applicants to avoid mismatches
  • How to conduct job interviews (what to do, what to say)
  • How to make a job offer (what to do when you've found the right candidate)

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