Fast & Fun Face Painting with Leanne Courtney

Tips and Tricks to Paint Simple 2-Minute Designs Like a Pro

Add face painting to your arsenal and upsell your services


Leanne CourtneyThought of giving face painting a try but never got around to doing it? Maybe you think you can’t even draw a stick figure so you think face painting is way out of your league. In this lecture, Leanne Courtney helps you realize that you can actually learn this skill and add it to your repertoire.

Join Leanne as she, along with Michelle Uulf, discusses and demonstrates face painting techniques and designs that entertainers of beginner skill level can do. In just about an hour, you will come away with all that you need to get you started with face painting.

Leanne shares:

  • How to face paint—even if you can't draw a stick figure
  • How to put a basic minimal face painting kit together so you can upsell a job enquiry
  • 6 easy designs to get you started—and prove to you that anyone can paint
  • Basic hygiene practices for face painting

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