What to put in emails when you get an enquiry - Colette Kelly

The right words are powerful

This is all simple, tried and tested techniques that you can implement immediately in your own kids entertainment business

colette-kelly-profile-picIn advertising the copy writer (the one who pens the words) is osften paid enormously because the ad agencies understand the power in the right words.

Us kids entertainers can benefit enormously from a few simple tweaks to what you may be doing now.


You will learn:

  • what to write and where to put it. What to say and what not to say.
  • good email copy will get you more bookings.
  • the one word you can use in correspondence that will change your business
  • what bookers really want when they contact you - HINT: it’s not what you think
  • techniques you will use across all your written materials - adverts, Facebook, texts, leaflets, business cards, posters and websites that will transform your business
  • how to get your message across effectively.

Writing about what you do is not easy and most kids entertainers get it wrong. I see this all the time in my work building websites for kids and family entertainers. Let me show you what does work and how you can use these tactics to improve customer relations and ultimately, get more bookings.

Download the email Template that Colette uses