Christopher’s Kamikaze Comedy Kids Show Creation with Christopher T. Magician

Techniques for Making Funny & Fun Shows That Get Children Engaged and Rolling with Laughter

Christopher T. MagicianJoin Christopher T. Magician as he takes a trick he's never performed and builds it into a full-fledged routine guaranteed to leave kids engaged, interacting, and laughing their heads off.

You'll see four different methods Christopher employs to approach routine building for any trick at all. Not only that, all four methods allow him to go back and add further laughs and interactions to preexisting routines.

Along the way, he will demonstrate the tips, techniques, and ideas with some of his favorite new kid show routines.

By the end of the lecture, you'll not only see the brand-new fun, funny, and interactive kid show routine he's created in your time together, but more importantly, you'll see firsthand HOW the creation process takes place, so you too can go from random trick to fool-proof, hilarious routine, guaranteed to entertain young audiences.

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