How To Charge What You're Really Worth with Andrew Smith

Wisdom from the $1000 Birthday Party Entertainer

Do you want to become the dominant entertainer in your area?

andrewsmith-310x230You may know Andrew Smith as the $1000 Birthday Party entertainer. We know Andrew as someone who is as passionate as we are at creating 21st Century Kids Entertainers.

We love bringing Andrew onto our platforms because of the controversy that he creates. Guaranteed this time will be no different. We will hear the chorus that says there is NO WAY you can charge $1000 for a birthday party. Well, yes you can and Andrew does.

What Andrew doesn't expect is that you will be able to. What Andrew knows is that you can certainly be charging more and he lays out a plan for you to do it.

Are you up for challenge of making more money? Up to being a leading entertainer in your area?

Start your journey here in another actionable KEA Live Lecture.

You will learn to:

    • Differentiate yourself from your competition
    • Define your value
    • Be recognized as a specialist
    • Simplify your approach to getting bookings
    • Be a trusted advisor in your area
    • Target high net worth bookers in your area

    Andrew's goal is to help you engage with your clients so that you get more bookings and be paid what you are worth, enabling you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.