Want to Be a KEA Lecturer?

Have you got valuable knowledge locked inside your head that other kids entertainers would benefit from? Can you communicate this knowledge clearly? Do you want to improve the lives of fellow entertainers?

If you have a quality lecture for Kids Entertainers, then you might be suitable for one of our paid lecture slots.

This is open to both experienced lecturers and new lecturers alike.

Experienced lecturers note:

What we don't want is product demonstrations. What we do is not a digital version of dragging a suitcase full of props to a convention, setting up a table and selling via demonstration. That’s not to say you can't promote your brand and services and products at the end of the lectures. You can. There must be a theme for your lecture and you must deliver this theme with conviction. You want to give people a hand up, not burden them with more stuff they will never use. You want to be able to give more than you ask in return.

New lecturers note:

We welcome new lecturers. You do not need to have previous experience. You do not need to have extensive experience. You simply need to know something that fellow entertainers would benefit from knowing. Send your idea in and remember this: If we say no, that does not mean no forever. It simply means not right now. With some extra tweaks and effort, it may well be a standout lecture in time to come.


Here’s a summary of the process:

Create an online lecture for us from your content that runs 40 minutes. This will be pre-recorded. Think of it as having a Skype call with me and we record it. I say hello to everyone, I introduce you, then I hand over to you. You have a pre-made set of slides that people see and a small window appears with you in the corner of the frame. You can read your notes as you go. There is nothing hard or scary about this. We will be there to jump in if there are any difficulties.  The slide pack you make will also be made available to members as a download. We take care of ALL the technical aspects. We provide you with simple training to prepare you to shine.

You also need to do a 20-30 minute podcast interview with us for the Kids Entertainer Podcast. This is just a chat. No vision. Just audio. No preparation required. We use this to promote your upcoming lecture in KEA.


Who gets what?

  • We pay you a fee for what I have outlined above.
  • You get extra exposure to our audience of many thousands.
  • We provide links from the lecture page to one or two websites you nominate.
  • Your lecture gets added to our lecture archive which is available 24/7 to all KEA paid members. We have the rights to use content to promote this lecture.
  • We will not take your intellectual property and create any sort of standalone course, etc. Simply, we do business honourably.
  • This all leads to a good and long-term relationship that is win/win.

Ken and I are in this for the long haul. Want to work with us? Then show us what you've got.


Lets get the ball rolling!

Please email julian@magicianbusiness.com with the following information.

Your name, website, best contact details and a 100 word overview of the lecture you think would work.