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Ever thought about opening your own shop, theater or party venue? If yes, then this new lecture is for you. Click here to watch it.

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Monthly Roundup No.1

Here's a roundup of what’s been happening at the Kids Entertainer Academy.   Have a look at what your fellow entertainers have been doing with the content in just the first month alone. "In the beginning I was thinking about the value of KEA, like what is in it for me when I already have…

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You Say 2 Thumbs Up For First Lecture

David Kaye : Amazing lecture. Really great. Frank Dipiazza : Zivi you were AWESOME...THANK YOU for taking us into the 21 Century Entertainer mindset. Bruce Meyer : Thank you Zivi. This was outstanding information and instruction. Jody Vick : Thank you soo much. can't wait for next month. Georg : This was wonderful information and…

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Meaningful Words For and From Kids Entertainers

Meaningful words in the KEA Facebook group prompted this stream of thought for you.

It's a good reminder that what Ken and I have created, anyone of you could have created.

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Losing Hair The Kids Entertainer Way

Oh my oh my. Within the last 48 hours Ken and I have been on an anxiety roller coaster. You can dot as many 'I's as you like and cross 'T's until the cows come home but that doesn't exclude you from that good old maxim 'if something can go wrong it will'...

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Worlds first for Kids Entertainers

Where do you go to learn to become a kids and family entertainer? If you want to be a doctor you goto med school, if you want to be a business professional you take an MBA, if you think about it, most professions have some type of formal training. The typical children's entertainer has to…

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