Build Your Magic Show - Overview

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What to expect from BYMS

All in over 30 hours of HD video plus extra audio lessons and downloadable pdf's, all reinforced with exclusive interviews from experts David Kaye, Michael Finney, Ken Scott, John Kimmons, Robert Baxt and more.

This is a master class in kids and family entertainment that will jumpstart beginners, provide focus and direction for advanced amateurs while unearthing gems and nuggets of commercial material for pros.

You will dramatically cut years off your learning curve by following the blueprints that I used to bring me in good income year after year

In the convenience of one place you learn about audience pleasing routines, show structure, cases, costumes, sound  systems, marketing, psychology, audience management, staging, scripting, young kids, older kids, difficult kids, jokes, gags and bits of business

You'll discover the commercial value in choosing the right tricks. You see this performed 'warts and all' in over 30 different LIVE performances

You'll side step the pitfalls and mistakes and ease that awful feeling you are spending money on the WRONG things

You'll have the satisfaction of getting out there and doing the work you were made for

Craig-HaslamI have been struggling to put together a magic show for the past 2 years. And I was able to perform this with approximately 4 weeks practice thanks to Julian's course. Craig Haslam, Australia

ToreSkytenThis BYMS course  is by far so much more engaging than other courses I have previously have signed up to. The BYMS magic formula works! I am living my dream. Tore Skyten, Sweden

Jana-SloupovaI have been in BYMS for about one year now and I have become a very different person in that time. I see such a big difference. At the beginning I didn't know anything about magic. From nothing I was able to start my own business which is growing very successfully. Now I have about 6-10 shows every month and next week I will have my first show for 300 children. It is amazing. Jana Sloupova, Czech Republic

KeithTusingWOW! Thanks for creating this amazingly detailed course.  Following my first performance using Julian’s material my wife said: “That course is the best magic thing you’ve ever purchased!” Your BYMS course was exactly what I needed at a critical time in the development of our business. Keith Tusing, USA

Build Your Magic Show curriculum

Module 01 - The Opener

Lesson 1 – How What Why of the 12 Minute Opener
1.0 How and Why a 12 Min Opener Will Build Your Confidence
1.1 Live Performance of Opener

Lesson 2 – The show before the show
2.0 The show before the Show
2.1 5 words to put you in control
2.2 Take your seats please
2.3 No stress set up
2.3.1 Live Performance 4 yr old party
2.3.2 Live Performance Pre Schoolers
2.3.3 Live Performance 4-12yrs
2.3.4 Live Performance 6 yrs
2.3.5 12 Yr Old Behaviour Example
2.4 In CASE you missed it
2.5 Balloon – atic build up
2.5.1 Balloonatic Live Performance x 4

Lesson 3 – Hit ’em with some magic
3.0 The Invisible Thumb Tip
3.1.1 Live Performances
3.1.2 Finding Your Perfect Finger Tip
3.1.3 Finger Tip Silks ‘n’ Sizes
3.2 The Wonderful Mouth Coil
3.2.1 Live Performances x 5
3.2.2 Letters From Schools
3.2.3 Mouth Coil construction

Lesson 4 – The Trick I Never Leave Home Without
4.0 Silver Sceptre
4.0.1 Live performances
4.1 ‘Soup Up’ Your Sceptre
4.2 Replacing the elastic

Lesson 5 – Bananas ‘n’ Banners
5.0 Bananas
5.0.1 Live performances
5.2 Birthday Banner
5.2.1 Live performances
5.2.3 Soup Up Your Birthday Banner

Lesson 6 – Why I Don’t Need A Rabbit
6.0 Nellie the Pig
6.0.1 Live performances
6.1 Up Close and Personal With A Pig
6.2 Review of the Opener

Lesson 7 – Controlling Nerves
7.0 How Do I Control My Nerves?
8. Developing Your Character
8.0 What You and Lance Burton have in common
8.1 What Do I Call Myself?

9. Developing Your Show
9.1 Setting Your Boundaries
9.2 What Do You Already Own?
9.3 A Habit You Will Want To Develop – debrief

10. 10 Biggest Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
11.GRP – Guaranteed Reaction Points So Far
12.0 – Module 1 Action Steps
12.1 – Do not do FREE shows

Exclusive Videos for Members 
Joe Monti Talks x 5 videos
David Kaye Talks x 3 videos
Michael Finney Talks

Module 03 The Closer

Lesson 1 – Closer Introduction
1.0 Closer Intro
1.1 Closer Live Performance
Lesson 2 – The Birthday Closer
2.0 Spring Cleaning
2.1 wipe wipe wipe gag
2.2 mini-me coat
2.3 Top hat fun
2.4 The ALL AGES birthday segment
2.5 Balloon Hat
2.5.1 Balloon Hat Tutorial
2.6 Nellie Closer – line up manners and wrappers display control
2.7 Business Card Handout
2.8 Closer Performances 4yr old
2.8.1 Closer Performances 6 yr old
2.8.2 Closer Performances Mixed

Lesson 3 – More Closers
3.0 Wand 3 ends Closer / Fireball Closer
3.1 Fireball Performances
3.2 Other Closer Performances
3.3 Peeky Closer
3.4 Fireball Extra Tips

Lesson 4 – Packing Up In Front Of The Audience
4.0 Packing Up
4.1 What can A Helicopter Teach Us About Magic?
4.2 Watch The Benefits of a Nimble Show

Lesson 5 – Detailed Look at My Show Set Up
5.0 – Detailed Tour of The Big Red Box of Magic Part 1
5.0.1 – Detailed Tour of The Big Red Box of Magic Part 2
5.1 – Detailed Tour of the Bag of Incredibility

Lesson 6 – Cases and Organization
6.0 Boxes and Cases
6.1 Roll On Boxes
6.2 Doctors bags
6.3 Balloon bag and Close up case
6.4 On hand Consumables – Back Of Van
6.5 Essential tools

Lesson 7 – Sound and microphones
7.0 Detailed Tour of my Sound System
7.1 Sound and microphone tips and recommendations

8.0 Bare Knuckles Show

Lesson 9 – Practice vs Rehearsal
9.0 What’s the difference?
9.1 My favourite practice tip
GRP‘s for the Closer

John Kimmons Talks x 3 videos
Greg McMahan Talks x 4 videos
BONUS Hernando 
Extra Hernando performance

Module 05 Face Older Kids With Confidence

Lesson 1 – Understanding Older Kids
1.0 Intro
1.1 Introducing tension
1.2 18 things older kids love
1.3 BOI Junior live performance

Lesson 2 – Before The Show
2.0 pre show talk
2.1 The Silencer
2.2 recorded intros

Lesson 3 – The Routines
3.0 Show Run Sheets
3.1 Juggle intro
3.2 Spoken intro
3.3 Shrink head
3.4 Misers
3.4.1 Misers Perform
3.5 MagicianAcademy
3.6 Hand chopper – WHY
3.6.1 Hand Chopper – WHAT
3.6.2 Hand Chopper – HOW
3.6.3 Hand Chopper Performances
3.7 Stati Kid
3.7.1 Stati Kid Performance
3.8 Card Routine
3.9 Balloon challenge
3.10 Punk rocker
3.10.1 Punk Rocker Construction
3.11 Blaster
3.12 Puff
3.13 Booger Remoover
3.14 ALL AGES birthday segment for older kids

Lesson 4 – Great Routines When The Time Is Right
4.1 Human Xylophone
4.2 Shipshape

Lesson 5 – Detailed Look at The Bag of Incredibility
5.0 Case set up

Lesson 6 – Reducing Behaviour Problems to Almost Zero
6.0 Poor Behaviour and What To Do About It
6.1 Behaviour Tips and Tactics
6.2 Live performance of Behaviour

David Kaye talks
Michael Finney talks … family shows
Michael Finney talks
Ken Scott talks
Robert Baxt talks x 2
BONUS Balloon Twisting Course

Module 2 The Middle Of Your Show

Lesson 1 – The How What Why of the Middle
1.0 Like Thunderbird 2
1.1 Performance of Middle
1.2 How to Choose Audience Members part 1
1.2.1 How to Choose Audience Members part 2
Lesson 2 – The Secret Glue Between the Tricks
2.0 Hands Up Segue
2.1 Where To Stand The Kids
Lesson 3 – Want Respect? Give Respect warm up
3.0 Want Respect? Give Respect warm-up
3.1 Live Performances 1.0-3.0

Lesson 4 – Sponge Ball Success
4.0 The Truth About False Transfers
4.1 Sponge Balls Step by Step
4.2 Small tips for Big Impact
4.3 Live Performance Sponge Balls x 5

Lesson 5 – Misers Dream
5.0 Why I love Misers
5.1 Basic Mechanics
5.1.2 Thumb Clip
5.1.3 The Drop
5.2 Resources
5.3 Coins and Pails
5.4 Instant Misers
5.5 Live Performance

Lesson 6 – Peeky The Cheeky Monkey
6.0 Think you don’t need a puppet?
6.1 The Props
6.2 Puppet handling
6.2.1 Tom Crowl IV Part 1
6.2.2 Tom Crowl IV Part 2
6.2.3 Ken Scott on Puppets
6.3 Step by Step Part 1
6.3.1 Step By Step Part 2
6.4 Wrestling the shark
6.5 Roast Potatoes
6.6 Live Performance 1
6.6.1 Live Performance 2
6.6.2 Live Performance 3

Lesson 7 – Which Routines Work Best?
7.0 Which Routines Work Best 

Lesson 8 – How Easy It Is To Use Music 
8.0 Intro
8.1 Audacity Tutorial
8.2 Royalty Free Music and You
8.3 Ken Scott Talks About Music

Lesson 9 – Things To Say When
9.0 Things to Say When … an open resource

The Middle GRP‘s 
Ken Scott talks 
Tom Crowl talks 
Robert Baxt talks x 2

Module 04 Strolling With Ease

Lesson 1 – The Easy Way
1.0 Strolling with Ease
1.0.1 Strolling Performance
1.1 The chair
1.2 The case

Lesson 2 – What You Wear
2.0 The Costume
2.1 Trousers
2.1.1 All The Details
2.1.2 In The Pockets
2.2 Vest
2.2.1 Coin To Nail Construction
2.3 Tips

Lesson 3 – The Tricks
3.0 The props – all the props laid out
3.0.1 The routines:
3.1 Big Response card tricks + downloads
3.2 TricksForKidsUnder5 + downloads
3.2.1 Bead Poodle update
3.3 Brain Game
3.4 Instant Strolling
3.5 Genii
3.6 Thumb Tip Intro
3.6.1 Thump Tip Ideas
3.7 Will The Cards Match

Lesson 4 – How To Approach People
4.0 Strolling Without Fear
4.1 How To Approach People part 1
4.1.1 How To Approach People part 2
4.1.2 how To Approach People part 3
4.1.3 How to Approach People part 4
4.2 How to Palm Without Fear
4.3 Emergency Monologues

Lesson 5 – Busking Introduction
5.0 Busking Crash Course Intro
5.1 How Not To Busk
5.2 Six Tips To Get You Busking Now
- John Kimmons Talks 
- Ken Kelly Talks x 2 videos 
- GregMcMahan Talks – Balloons 
- Wayne Van Wyck Talks x 2 videos 
- Robert Baxt talks x 4 videos 
- Andrew Cox talks x 2 videos
BONUS Get Out Jail Routines

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Not yet enrolled in the Kids Entertainer Academy?

This course and ALL our kids entertainers training courses are available to you RIGHT NOW in the Kids Entertainer Academy.

Find out just how easily you can get immediate access to over 450 professional training videos plus the most comprehensive collection of kids entertaining resources and experts suitable for beginners through to working professionals